Flower crowns

I love these photos.  And being the ridiculously proud parent that I am, couldn’t bear to have to choose only a couple to post up here.  So I did what anyone would do, included them all!

Willow, you are my tester for any new idea I have.  Sometimes I get lucky and you agree to humour me, to play along with my crazy ideas and see if they work.  Other times, like the day we shot these flower crowns, I have to bribe you with trips to Gelatissimo or Freddo Frogs.  And I know, talk to any psych and they’ll say bribing your child is entering dangerous territory, but I say pfffft.  Sometimes you gotta do, what you gotta do!

Look at you!?  Just.  Freaking.  Gorgeous.  Even with tell tale chocolate above your top lip and the remnants of an old tattoo on your arm (that for the life of me, just can’t seem to get off)!

I’m so proud I made you!

3H0A2398 3H0A2412 3H0A2411 3H0A2404 3H0A2400 3H0A2398 3H0A2394 3H0A2390 3H0A2370 3H0A2354 3H0A2333 3H0A2332 3H0A2329 3H0A2328 3H0A2325 3H0A2321

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