Lazy afternoons

Dear Willow and Rafferty

Sometimes, I find myself realising I haven’t taken any photos of you for a while.  We all know I love nothing more than taking a photo or two (thousand!), but sometimes I find myself snapping plenty of photos of other kids for work, and none of the most precious people in the world to me: YOU!

This afternoon, while I should have been cleaning/washing/cooking dinner/wrangling you in for a bath, I picked up my camera and got busy.

Willow, you are playing with your Beados.  Until your birthday party neither you nor I had ever heard of these things, but as it turns out, you love them!  Hours upon hours are spent placing tiny little beads over the template, spraying them with water once they are complete and putting them out onto the patio to dry.  You love your little creations and no doubt they will find their way into your bedroom where you keep your other precious goodies.

Rafferty, this is your Lego truck.  Poppy recently put some money into your bank accounts (and Willow’s, hence the beados), so while I took Willow to a birthday party, you and Daddy hit Myer to add to your ever growing Lego collection.  We came home to find you and Daddy lying on the floor, piecing together your new lego pieces.

Gosh, I love you two.  To the moon and back.  To the stars.  Beyond the cosmos.



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