Lazy Monday

Monday.  Geez, it rolls around quickly.  We’re at the third of November already.  November?! When did that happen?

Summer is here.  Well, technically not for another month but today marks the first day we have put the air conditioner on, so I’m calling Summer.   All around the world the thought of Summer is awesome, but in Townsville, it’s hot and humid and in my opinion, the utter pits.

The air-conditioning in one of our cars had just carked it.  Shit.  Had a quote today to fix it, oh, just a lazy $1500.  Minimum!  Faaark!  The car isn’t worth that much.  Looks like it’s back to the drawing board on whether to buy a new one or not.

The kids are going a tad stir crazy.  It’s hot and sunny and our backyard has zero shade which means lots of inside time.  Rafferty was not built for being inside.  Willow can amuse herself with her dolls house and her things, Rafferty tends to use my couch as a trampoline.

Today we headed out for gelato.  Because really, when it’s 32 degrees with a crazy amount of humidity what else is there to do?


The kids had a ball, emptying their scoops quicker than you could possibly imagine.

Gelatissimo has the added bonus of being straight across from ANZAC park, so that was our next stop for the kids to burn off some serious energy.  These kids really are at their happiest when they’re running around like clowns in the park.  I love to watch them play: ‘tig’, ‘what’s the time, Mr Wolf’, ‘spinning’, etc.  Their little imaginations are perfection and for the most part, they play quite well together.


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