Easter Sunday

So today was Easter Sunday and I’ve got to say, the best family day we’ve enjoyed for aaages.

Laid back, full of family, playing under the sprinkler; just lots of good old-fashioned fun.

The day started at the crack. of. dawn.  I think it was around 5.30am when we heard the first shrieks of “the Easter Bunny’s been!!” coming from Wills’ room.  (Rafferty was a little slower to start after a rough night sleep and crawling into our bed with the start of a cold.)

I’d rung around Thursday night to invite everyone over for in the morning, any excuse for a family catch up.  We started cooking around 7am while the kids were busily biting the bums and ears off the enormous Easter Rabbits they’d scored.  I am a big fan of the celebratory breakfast, in fact, I think I much prefer it to lunch or dinner.  It’s super easy and most of the time people have left by 11am, leaving plenty of time for chilling out.  It’s also a bonus not to have to wrangle two hyped-up over tired kids to bed at 11 o’clock at night.  At breakfast time everyone is fresh so there’s minimal chances of meltdowns.  And I find those breakfast cooking smells just so comforting, don’t you think?  Is there anything that smells better when it’s cooking than bacon? (Aside from onions.  Onions on the bbq are hard to beat!)

My thrown-together-at-the-eleventh-hour table looked ok too, even better once it was fully set and adorned with Easter breakfast.  I went simple, headed out early Saturday morning to the Farmer’s Markets and picked up some fresh native flowers, used a natural fabric tablecloth in a linen colour (a score from… Bunnings. I know!!) and found some cute little tags in a kitchen drawer that I dug out, wrote on and tied to napkins as place cards.  I don’t usually go the place cards but for some reason I just thought today called for it.

We ate and talked and ate and laughed, finishing the meal off with chocolate eggs that I had strewn across the table.

3H0A0063 3H0A0057 3H0A0071 3H0A0066

It wasn’t an overly long breakfast, people were off to work (boo!) and to visit other relatives but that suited us fine.  We lazed around for a while, more easter eggs consumed (oink, oink!).  New play dough opened and played with. We even broke out an impromptu photo session which I then turned into a Flipagram (my new favourite thing!).  Honestly, have you tried that nifty little app?  I’ve seen a few Flipagrams getting around on my insta feed but just hadn’t been that interested in it, until I was.  Now I can’t get enough!

Go and get it.  Now.  It’s free!

You’re welcome.

3H0A0210 3H0A0182 3H0A0162 3H0A0152 3H0A0129 3H0A0092 3H0A0097

And speaking of faux-photobooth session, It’s been quite unusual editing photos and seeing my own face pop up.  While I’m not a big fan of the selfie I’m certainly a fan of memories so I’m glad I jumped in front of the camera for a photo or two.  It’ll be nice for my kids to know that Mummy was actually there!

We rounded out the day with a movie.  Honestly, it’s still so hot up here in North QLD – we had to have the air-conditioning on for breakfast this morning – there’s not a lot else to do in the middle of the day.  Mum, Grandma and I hit the the cinema for Home and the kids loved it.  (I gave Matt the option to stay home.  Needless to say he did!  Wife of the year, or what?!) I fell asleep, briefly, until Raff nudged me to open him up some more eggs.


Now we’re home and completely chocolate egged out.  The kids are burning off some of that sugar running around under the sprinkler.  They should sleep so well tonight; we all should!

How did you spend your Sunday?  Was the Easter Bunny kind?  Catch up with family and friends?

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