Meeting Max Brenner


The main aim of our activities since Nanny has been visiting is to stay cool.  With NZ temps sitting around 17 degrees celsius, and North Queensland’s weather about twice that, it’s been a challenge to ensure she hasn’t been struck down by heatstroke!

One way to guarantee fun – for everyone – was to toddle along to Max Brenner for a morning of milkshakes of the 80’s variety.


Getting the hard chocolate top off the milkshake is always a challenge, so she was rather delighted when she managed to crack it off in one entire piece.  A few chomps and it was gone!


This kid munches his way through with whatever means are necessary.  Eating utensils are entirely optional.


Rafferty has been very interested in taking photos lately and it completely loving the polaroid camera.  Since we’ve had family visiting we’ve had quite a lot of film and he’s been taking full advantage of it.  Another thing I’ve let him start doing is to use my camera – with the strap around his neck of course.  It makes me slightly anxious to see that much money dangling around his neck but he’s very careful and it’s so cute to watch him line up his photos, then pause for a moment while he flicks back to check out his shots.


Here are a couple of his masterpieces.  Thanks, Willow, for the beautiful pose.


Wills had a crack at taking photos too; I think she nailed it.  She was pretty happy as she was making sure she got the milkshake in the shot.

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