Mission Beach – a weekend with the sister


I am slowly getting the hang of this ‘weekends off’ gig.

In preparation for our upcoming trip (there’s a shit-tonne of stuff to sort through, sell, donate, etc) I cleared the diary of all my weekend work.   Look, it sounded like a liberating idea at the time, but the truth is I miss it like crazy and I hate turning away people when they reach out to me!

I spent the first weekend agitated and irritable.  Not because I have morphed into an arsehole (well, I hope not), but because frankly, I can’t think of the last time I had consecutive weekends off.  What do people DO with all of this free time?!

And so, I stumbled through my first weekend of ‘freedom’.

But by the second weekend, I had to do something.  And it couldn’t involve a packing box or another donation run to the salvos.

Cue: Mission Beach.  My sister is currently living up there (tough life, eh) so we hightailed it up the coast Friday afternoon.  We arrived late, around 8.30pm, but it did mean that we’d wake up and have a full day there before having to drive home Sunday morning in order to get the kids to a birthday party Sunday afternoon.

Saturday morning we cruised down to South Mission Beach.  The kids refused to leave the pool, so Matt watched over them while Courts and I headed off.  There’s a track she’s been to that we have some thought to exploring, but honestly the idea of 3 hours in the blazing sun was less than appealing.

Rather, we found a cute little deck area and set the interval timer on the camera (one of my favourite features of my new Fuji XT20.  It leaves the remote / self timer of the 5D far, far behind) and jumped around ‘posing’ like right fools.  Side note – how do these instagrammers do it?  We spent the first few minutes feeling like right tools with not a clue on what to do.  In fact, the best photos of our time happened purely by accident.

The rest of the the weekend was totally cruisy and our eat/nap/swim game was strong!  Undoubtedly one of the best things about heading up there is how little ‘parenting’ we actually have to do.  There’s no incessant whining about being hungry or bored – the kids buddy up with their cousin and they have a ball.  Sure, we have to referee a few little tiffs, but for the most part they happily entertain themselves.   And the pool!  Well, they barely make their way out of it.

Our last night saw us enjoying dinner on the beach.  There’s nothing better than fish and chips, looking at the ocean and watching the sun set.  We ventured over rocks, tried to keep an eye out for crocodiles (there were none.  That we saw!) and just generally enjoyed a change to the normal kid-wrangling that happens at that time of night.

Conclusion: weeks off are good, and sisterly catch-ups are good for the soul.


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