The Gold Coast is, well, gold!

Whenever I’ve thought of the Gold Coast, rowdy millennials making bad life choices sprang to mind.  Spending any amount of time there was much like nuts in chocolate, not something that appealed to me at all.

Now though, since flying out of Coolangatta (the best direct flights to Wellington we found were from here), I’m practically evangelical about the place, babbling about its greatness to any poor bastard that’s within conversational proximity.

‘Have you been to Coolangatta?’, I interrogate, all cavalier and eager to bestow this amazing discovery.  Of course, everyone looks at me all ‘well-duh’ like, because yes, yes they know.   They’ve known for years.  Everyone knows.

My rookie recommendations to fritter away a few hours?  Head to the very photogenic Rainbow Bay, then take the stairs up and over the boardwalk (some great photo ops from up here) to watch the surfers off Snapper Rocks (the kids requested surf boards and lessons about 2 minutes into our beach visit).  Oh, and a visit to Gelato Messina is an absolute must!

Go!  Get amongst it!

Cooly (as the locals call it), we’ll be back.



    1. It was gorgeous! So different to what I’m used to in NQ – I would highly recommend heading down there. We will definitely be visiting again!


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