Roadtrippin’, South Island, NZ.

A picture speaks a thousand words, so I’m not going to write that many, and besides, everyone knows what people say about New Zealand..  It’s visually spectacular! If you get a chance, go there. It’s not a trip you’re going to regret.

Mount Cook

Gorgeous! Stunning. Weather wise, freaking unpredictable. (Classified as an ‘alpine environment’, the weather can change quickly going from warm and sunny to cold and rainy within hours.) Have since learnt to seize whatever chance you get, as soon as you get it, because such is the unpredictability, who knows when the next opportunity to summit a mountain, check out the glacier or feast one’s eyes at the snow capped mountains whilst sipping a latte on the deck, will be.

Also, filed under Invaluable Lessons 101, is to get the ‘really really want to’ excursion out of the way first, espesh when travelling with squids. I was desperate to do the Hooker Valley Track but made the mistake of dragging the family up to Blue Lake and Tasman Glacier tracks first. This meant that little legs were tired early and we didn’t make it all the way on the Hooker Valley. Gutted.


Our Jucy Camper.  The kids called it Jucy Lucy and she was very cosy on some super cold nights.  We scored the deal of the century via, a site I definitely recommend checking out if you’re coming to NZ and have some flexibility in your schedule.


Found a dead bunny at the campsite.  (We don’t get rabbits in QLD so the kids were mystified.)  He insisted on poking it with a stick to ‘prove it was dead’.  Such a charmer.


How’s this for enthusiastic?  He was, errrr, pumped!


Was pretty happy with herself at the top.  And so was I…this kid was a superstar!


A suspension bridge, which he delighted in jumping on, much to my terror.



Best summed up as the most beautiful little town, centred around the spectacular and huge Lake Wakatipu. Also; expensive. I came prepared to splash some cash, because Queenstown is not a place that is ever going to be accused of being cheap but fek, I definitely felt some heart palpitations each time I handed over the ol’ visa debit card. Nevertheless, hand over the card we did – spending on the memories and saving on things we wouldn’t miss. Figuring we were in the adrenaline capital of the world, we lashed out on the Skyline gondola, luge rides and jetboating. Also worth the splurge (we did it daily!), were the ice creams from Patagonia. The chocolate coated waffle cone double scoop goodness was deeeelightful!


I hassle him so much about the bucket hat.  I want to be a supportive wife, but c’mon.  A bucket hat?  With a freaking Kronosauraus on it, no less!  I feel like my hands are tied.


Patagonia: home to the BEST ice cream I’ve consumed on this holiday thus far.


Arrowtown & Glenorchy

Both cute little towns a little way out of Queenstown that made for a couple of nice trips. Arrowtown it renowned for its old-style architecture and village style feel. We ate fresh baked goods on the village green while the kids climbed rock walls and explored in the sunshine. Glenorchy is a cute, lakeside town with lots of cute cafes for lunch and set at the basin of some glorious snow-capped mountains (I’ll never get sick of seeing them). It’s also the starting point for a plethora of river-rafting, sky diving, horse riding, etc.



We’ve been here before to ski and never thought to go in the summer but, as it turns out, Cardrona morphs from a snow bunny’s paradise to a mountain-biker’s fantasy. We stumbled across this fact after booking a night’s accommodation at the Cardrona Alpine Resort via a supercool app Our room was glorious. A two bedroom/two bathroom apartment with king beds, a loft space for kids kitted out with bunk beds and a playstation, washer/dryer, three toilets, full kitchen and my ultimate; unlimited wifi. And if mountain biking isn’t your thing, you can check out some terrific hiking tracks that lead you to summits with views for days.




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