Wellington Zoo


We spent all day yesterday at Wellington Zoo, a must-do when visiting the city!  It’s been on our list for ages but somehow had almost slipped through the cracks until Willow suggested it yesterday when we were contemplating what to do.  To be honest, I would have been happy with a boozy lunch at our favourite wood fired pizza place, but with 50% of our travelling crew being under the legal drinking limit, off to the Zoo we trotted.

Some rain and dark clouds almost talked us out of it, but we decided a little rain wouldn’t ruin our day and that we’d risk it.  Look at us, true adventurers!

wellington zoo-4wellington zoo-5wellington zoo-7wellington zoo-8

Our first stop was the Tigers and Sun Bears enclosures.  These kids were jumping out of their skin with excitement!  We listened to the Zoo talks at each animal enclosure and I loved the messages that were passed on about the importance of conservation and supporting brands and products that sustainably produce their goods.

wellington zoo-10

The Nest is an animal hospital and has viewing room were you can watch the vets do health checks.  Yesterday we arrived whilst vets had a Kereru (basically a NZ pigeon) under anaesthetic to perform an X-ray.  It was all very educational and informative, until the vet came out from behind her glass wall to inform us that the little guy had injuries that were unsurvivable and that they’d be “putting him to sleep”.  Things quickly excelled into a life lesson for the kiddies!

wellington zoo-12wellington zoo-17wellington zoo-18

The chimpanzees are my favourite.  Love to watch these guys interact with each other and hoot around.  They didn’t disappoint yesterday.

wellington zoo-20

This Cheetah.  Even though there was a fence between him and I, it was still mildly off-putting to have him stand and stare directly at us.  And it was around lunch time, so make of that what you will.  (Hint: our kids are little and delicious looking!)

wellington zoo-23

Otters, right in front of her.  She loved every moment.

wellington zoo-34wellington zoo-36wellington zoo-38wellington zoo-43wellington zoo-44wellington zoo-46wellington zoo-47

The Farm was a fantastic area filled with interactive displays for the kids to get involved in.  They loved discovering new things, I love the concrete floors and use of plywood!

wellington zoo-50

This girl was in her element.  She often talks about becoming a vet, and although I know she has lots of years to make up her mind and it will more than likely change, it was beyond adorable to hear her talking about what she will do when she does become a vet and works for either Wellington or Toronga Zoos.

wellington zoo-51wellington zoo-58

This baby Meetkat came right up to Willow.  “He loves me!”, she squealed.

wellington zoo-63wellington zoo-64

It’s worth noting that we are not usually ‘Zoo’ people.  Animal exploitation is not something we could ever support and I’m always a bit hesitant to visit any kind of zoo.  Since having kids, we’ve been to a few over the years and quickly learned that all zoos are not created equally.  That being said, Wellington Zoo is a world class facility whose values we can appreciate and support.

Also, more photos can be found here, on our Facebook page.



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