Oh, hey there Bali.

We are in Bali!

After an exceptionally long amount of time in transit to get here, thanks to cyclones, delayed flights and layovers, we arrived to our hotel at around 3am NZ time and crashed out.  Let me tell you, jet lag is real, people and it’s definitely taken us a couple of days to adjust to being 5 hours behind NZ.

Our last trip to Bali taught us a lot, and this time around we’ve implemented all the things.  Find a supermarket!  Stock the fridge so kids can eat when they wake up at 3am thanks to jet lag.  I was also pretty prepared and did some serious Google maps research before leaving so I had an idea of local cafes surrounding our accommodation that the kids would be happy to eat at.  It seemed a bit OTT at the time, sitting on the couch in NZ researching menus, but hell, those hours delivered and instead of wandering around aimlessly,  finding a cafe to sit at only to discover those fussy little feeders won’t touch anything on the hipster-menu, I knew exactly where to head to for scrambled eggs on toast.

We started our first day here, Bali Bowls, which is 2 minutes from where we are.   Such a cute little place and definitely worth a visit if you ever find yourself in the ‘hood.


Activity wise,  we decided to keep the first day pretty simple and just spend time locally, close to the accommodation.  I did go ahead and organise a little bit of personal maintenance though because, priorities.  Also because, I can’t think of the last time my legs were waxed and shiz was getting a littttle out of control!  With Insta being my main source of research these days,  my first stop was to Jet Black Ginger, a place I’d seen pop up a few times and was hanging to get to, mostly for the interiors!


It didn’t disappoint!  That mix of concrete, timber, glass and neon is what interior dreams are made of and I lapped up every moment spent in there.  Pure bliss, even with someone ripping hair out of my nether regions.  Oh, and fun fact, 2 ladies waxed my legs.  Yep, that’s right.  Those suckers were apparently so hairy reinforcements needed to be called in.

In total abandonment of our ‘stay close to the accommodation’ plan, the kids were requesting a visit to Sea Circus, so in an attempt to stave off jet lag for as long as we could, we found a taxi and headed on in.  Note, when travelling with kids, we have discovered there’s no such thing as “stave off jet lag”.   It’s more, “keep them awake until you can bear the pain no more then let them sleep in the hope that they will wake up in a non-arsehole state tomorrow”.  Raff hit over tired about 2.5 seconds after sitting down and was bouncing around the seats and crawling under the table.   Bless him, 2.30pm Bali time is 7.30pm NZ time and this kid was ready for bed.  He ordered food, then refused to eat it, Matt got his huff on because the kids’ meals didn’t come with veggies (ha!  Like they would have eaten them anyway!) and, you know, it was just a lovely, relaxing, family meal.  Or not.



Deciding to cut our losses after things sort of disintegrated we hustled the kids into a taxi and returned to the safe confines of our room.  Honestly though, the goodness just kept on flowing.  Fatigue is such a prick.

Anyway, after much whinging, whining and tanty throwing, from us all, we hunkered down and surrendered to the ‘lag.  7.30 bedtime?  I could live with that if it meant that we’d all be out of our misery and hopefully wake up feeling a bit more human the following day.

Day one, I think we did ok!













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