We came, we saw, we scootered.

Along with whinging about food, the second most favourite thing our kids like to whine about is walking.  “My legs are tired”, “It’s too hot”, “Are we there yet?”, “How much longer are we going to be”, “I just want to go to the hotel”, “why do we have to go out on these stupid walks?”.


I try to be strong.  “Oh, FFS!” I scream internally, whilst trying to feign a calm exterior and informing the precious poppets that “we won’t be much longer” in a cheery, sing-song voice.  But alas, these days they’re on to me, and they know what ‘not much longer’ really means.  “You actually always do say that and we actually always do take much longer”, says Raff, lifting his eyebrows and looking at me in a way that actually makes me wonder who the parent in this relationship is.

Often it’s not worth the pain, and we end up just cutting the expedition short and returning home, which, truth be told, really ticks me off because I’m bankrolling this jaunt and these little dictators are calling the shots.

This time around though, we’ve fixed these kids up gooood.

Enter: The Scooter.  Look at that man, cruising around like Easy Rider.  He’s all like ‘born to be, wi-iii-ld’.  (While I’m all, actually, no, born to be safe.  You bet your Bintang he had a helmet on 2 seconds after this shot was taken.  And in the whole day, I don’t think we made it over 25/kph.)


Truthfully, I’m still in a bit of shock that we’re scootering in Bali, but we are, and the no mention of tired legs, along with the flexibility and independence it’s affording us is all worthwhile.

Hiring them was so easy, we just did it through the accommodation and at $5/day, we’re pretty darn chuffed.  Not people to do things by halves, we dove right on in and, armed with our helmets and google maps, Canggu was ours to conquer.  I’ll be honest, I’ve used a few choice words riding on this thing.  Willow is usually my riding partner and I have given her strict instructions not to listen/repeat/remember any of the words I throw out when riding.  I’m not usually that trashy mum who swears like a sailer when in the presence of her child, but extenuating circumstances call for reprieve and when riding on a road surrounded by Balinese traffic going in all sorts of directions, with many cars/bikes/trucks approaching you head-on in your lane, the odd F-bomb is never going to be far away.

First stop, the Kombucha Brewing Co.  We came to this little pitstop for many reasons – equal parts of I’d heard it was awesome, it required the least amount of crossing over traffic at intersections and my heart rate was so sky-high I feared some sort of cardiac arrest if I didn’t give it some time to calm down.  But really, definitely worth calling in for a brew if you happen to be in the area.


Hungry bellies were also calling, so we wandered next door to Copenhagen.  The staff here (and everywhere in Bali in our experience) were just wonderful and we enjoyed such a great breakfast.  Smoothie bowls are my new obsession (why has it taken me so long to jump on this bandwagon?) and they delivered the goods in spades!

I do like that in Bali these cute little cafes pop up on just about every street.


You know what they say, ‘full bellies make for adventurers’ (ok, I made that up), so from there we continued to cruise through rice fields and the streets of Canggu; just checking out the scenery, pulling over to check Google maps whenever we to lost (every ten minutes) and getting acquainted with the ‘hood.

You can’t come to Canggu and not make your way to Echo Beach, so we rounded off our morning of adventuring with a little trip to check out the waves and the surfers.

Oh, and we’ve definitely extended out the scooter hire!  There’s no looking back now!




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