Bali Equestrian Centre

Willow is horse mad.  And she’s also been travelling like a bloody superstar.  So when we wanted to give her a little treat, a private riding lesson seemed like the perfect way to say thank you.  Thanks for her co-operation, going to sleep at night, carrying her own stuff, trying new food (sometimes) and just going along on this crazy, where-will-we-be-next-week ride.

But, where to do said private riding lesson?

This is Bali.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the place, but it is a little on the ‘lax side with regards to regulations and safety standards.  There’s not a day goes by I don’t wander the streets and smile while simultaneously thinking “what the actual hell?” at the goings on around me, and the kids actually now refer to doing things ‘the Bali way’.  Ride on a scooter up front?  In a cab with no seatbelt (crawling through traffic at 5km per hour)?  Oh yeah, their enthusiasm is high for the throwing-out-the-rule-book way of life over here.

So I hit the great interwebs and stumbled across the Bali Equestrian Centre.  Then, I went one step further (too far?) and jumped on my scooter to cruise on around there and check it out for myself.


Guys, it was awesome!  Immaculate grounds, horses that appeared well looked after and housed in beautiful stables and, most of all, super professional staff who emphasised the ‘safety first’ mantra I was looking for.


Excitement levels on the day were rocketing, and I’m sure her cheeks would have been sore by the end of it from smiling so hard for so long.

The experience was really from start to finish.  From putting the bridal on, leading Biscuit into the arena and her lesson to then taking his saddle and bridal off, washing him down and picking his hooves.  Wills lapped up every moment of it.  In fact, I’m sure if they’d asked her to clean manure from the stables she would have happily jumped on board.

DSCF8207DSCF8219DSCF8224Gosh I love this kid.

Needless to say we’ll be booking her in for another lesson!

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