The Tooth Fairy visits Thailand

I can confirm that The Tooth Fairy does, in fact, travel internationally, and that Thailand was on her list of places to visit because ta-daaaa, we have our first tooth loss of the year!

This tooth has been loose for so long.  For months and months we have tried apples, carrots and copious amounts of wiggling to get it moving.  Four nights in Phuket, eating crisps and voila: tooth is out!


There were some pretty excited squeals, then a bit of concern.  Does the tooth fairy go to Thailand?  Will she know where to find the tooth?  What’s the baht to Aussie dollar exchange rate like?

Well The Tooth Fairy does visit Thailand!  And I hear the going rate is 40 baht, enough to buy an enormous smile and 2 Dixie cups from the Family Mart.


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