Bonkers in Honkers

If there’s one thing that has become glaringly obvious to me thus far on our little adventure,  it’s that our kids like to be at home.  Obviously ‘home’ varies these days between hotels, guesthouses and apartments, but really, wherever they have their stuff, they’re happy.

This can sometimes make it challenging to get out,  so when our mate, Scott, offered to give us a bit of a tour the day after we arrived in Hong Kong, I did wonder how enthusiastic the kids would be, and how much whining we might have to hear about all the walking,  y’know, since Raff’s legs apparently have a propensity to want to fall off lately.

Happily I can report that there was no whinging/whining/complaining and all legs stayed attached!  I think these guys fell for Hong Kong as much as we did and their little eyes were on stalks taking it all in.

A few of our faves:

Train surfing.  This kept the kids, and their Daddy, pretty entertained whenever we caught trains..provided it wasn’t in peak hour of course!  Stand between the carriages and see who doesn’t have to reach for the rails.   Wills was a big fan!


The Flower Markets.  Jump off at Prince Edward Station and walk up to Flower Market Road.  Then take it all in – streets and streets of the most beautiful flowers and succulents.  If I lived in Hong Kong I’d visit every week and have a house full of fresh blooms and plants.  Love!

Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 12.15.31 pmDSCF9461DSCF9409DSCF9322DSCF9414DSCF9343DSCF9344

Yuen Po Street, Bird Garden.  Keep walking to the end of the street and you come up to Bird Garden.  While the kids were all ‘yeah, whatever’ about the flowers, Bird Garden really enthralled them, even if they were a bit sad about seeing all the birds in cages.


Goldfish Street.  Holy wow, this place was epic.  Sure, there were goldfish, but there were also rabbits, kittens, turtles, eels and if you ventured up a very steep staircase, all manner of snakes and reptiles.  (And a pretty cranky Asian guy who didn’t appreciate the tourists just looking around with zero intentions to buy!


We finished the day off with an early dinner and a wander through the incredible area of Mong Kok for the ladies markets, but also just to soak the atmosphere in.  This area blew my mind and we visited again on numerous occasions.  On weekends they close the roads off and people set up little stalls and belt out karaoke tunes in the middle of the street.  As you do.29257794_10156279513184468_7226046308153294848_o29258392_10156279515069468_6241300793551486976_o29314224_10156279516924468_9208733087502958592_o29314236_10156279515339468_7246131731302973440_o29355184_10156324354614468_7529823286346263620_o29744883_10156324355684468_7070105299654349479_o

Hong Kong, you won us over.   Thanks for the memories you glorious dame!


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