Despite the crown (thanks to our dear friends, Her Travelling Tribe – go and check out their family expeditions!), I’m not a huge birthday person.

Rather than adopt a ‘Festival of Savanah’ approach, I much prefer to see the day out in a more low-key fashion.  And rather than presents (although Matt did gift me a rather spectacular piece of art from Lisa Lapointe last year, so I’m not entirely against them!) I much prefer a day off adulting, a massage and an afternoon nap.  Oh, and if there’s a chance of finishing the day off with pizza and a cold mojito, well, you’ve totally won me over.


This year, however, given that we were in Bali, the wish list was a little different.  Still simple, but a little more in keeping with our tropical surrounds.  I had but two requests:

  1. a Mavericks smoothie bowl from Nalu Bowls, and
  2. Mad Pops ice cream

Easy.  Peasy.  And, unsurprisingly, centred around food!

We made some lovely friends while over here, Claire & Andrew (from the aforementioned Her Travelling Tribe) and their gorgeous kidlets, Lily & Spencer.  This crew joined us for breakfast at one my favourite spots in Bali, Shelter Cafe and gifted me some gorgeous tassel earrings I commented on the day before while Claire & I took our girls for some pamper time.  I did maybe well-up when they gave them to me, because I am a sap but also because; so thoughtful and generous, and the older I get the more I appreciate these qualities in people.


Claire brought along her crown and I will definitely be ordering one from Le Petit Renard Rouge as soon as we hit Australia.  It’s just the cutest and made the morning so much fun.  Also making the morning fun (and ever-so-slightly mortifying), the staff at Nalu Bowls bringing out cake & candles while singing Happy Birthday.


I just felt so lucky.  To be surrounded by three who love me and terrific friends, waking up to messages from family and friends back home.  It’s nice to think that you’re in people’s thoughts, isn’t it?


38, I reckon you’re going to turn out to be ok.



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