About a week ago now I was all up on my high horse.  “We’re not doing enough!”, I wailed.  “I feel like we’re wasting this time.  We need to be doing more, not just sitting around relaxing all day!”.

Stifling an eye roll, and being the wise husband he is, Matt gently (but not really) reminded me that, errr, dummy, that’s what this time is all about.  Relaxing!  Slowing down!  Enjoying calm, quiet days where the only real decisions are where to go for breakfast.  (Pffft, that’s easy: Nalu Bowls, dummy!)

Never one to back down, or admit that he may have raised a good point, I promptly booked us on an island excursion.  I was pumped.  Nusa Ceningan we are comin’ for you!  Crystal clear ocean (the one we have here in Canggu/Berawa is not exactly postcard perfection), palm trees and maybe one of those hammocks that sways over the ocean at high tide.  Yeah, baby.  This is Bali life.

Turns out, this is also Bali life:


Yep.  That’s Willow holding her right foot X-ray.  As it happens, round-offs/cartwheels aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.  It happened yesterday and to be honest, we thought it would pass.  Ha!  Joke’s on us.  When she announced she couldn’t go to her horse riding lesson today, we knew things were up and before you could say ‘find a doctor’ she was being referred to the ER.  Thankfully, it is only a sprain, and a few days of rest should have her back to her bouncy (“cartwheeling”) self.


It must be said that the medical care we experienced was terrific, the hospital staff lovely and obviously this is also a good reminder to never leave home without travel insurance.  (Which, of course, we have.)

Raff spent the day in a somewhat different state, after his 1 minute silence “for the army mans”.


The pool is shaded all day and gosh he makes the most of it.  His entrance is pretty funny these days:


When he dips his toe in and deems it cold, his request is that we throw him in.  I can’t bring myself to do it very often, despite him pleading with me to do so.  Little weirdo.


So there you go.  ANZAC Day done The Bali Way.

Til next time,

Sav & Crew


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