So, Tuesday.  Or, as we’ve now dubbed it, Choose-Day.   And on this day, the kids get to choose a few things to do.  (Thanks for the idea, Clare!)

It’s a brand new concept for us and my official line, is not that I am proper exhausted from trying to coax these little pixies out of our room in the mornings, but that I’m trying to bestow a sense of responsibility and inclusion to them.  Doesn’t that make me sound all zen and mother-of-the-year-ish?


I also remembered to  grab my camera so that I can start snapping photos!  I always bang on about capturing the every day, and I’m doing the exact opposite and not documenting a thing!  We’re too boring!  Not doing anything interesting!  What’s exciting about photographing any old stuff?  But, I’m totally missing the point.  Y’see, it’s not about photographing stuff, it’s about photographing the little moments we share together.  How did I come to forget this?

Now, back to Choose-day

Of course we took the scooters.  I never thought I’d love riding one of these as much as I do, but honestly it’s my favourite way to get around.  Yes, fraught with some pretty hairy moments (I’m amazed at how calm I stay when seeing fast moving scooters/cars/trucks coming towards me, head-on, IN MY LANE) but also some of the best.  Ride through a rice field early one morning and tell me it’s not magic.


They chose Milk & Madu for breakfast and with pancakes like these, d’you blame them?  This is the pop up, at Goodwood because the actual Milk & Madu burnt to the ground the night we arrived in Bali due to an electrical fault.  They’re rebuilding now but unfortunately I think we’ll be gone by the time they’re up and running.  A shame really, because they also used to house Nalu Bowls and y’all know how much I love me a smoothie bowl!



Look at this happy face.  This is what happens when Daddy’s coffee get served with an Anzac biscuit on the side and you’re about to thieve it!  We’ve all noticed the when we go for a coffee it almost always gets served with a delicate little slice of goodness on the side.  Australian cafes, take note please!


In keeping with my attempts to #getinthepicture more, I asked Matt to take a photo of Raff & I.  (Wills is still in that I-refuse-to-have-pictures-taken phase.) Clearly Raff seized the opportunity for Snuggle Fest 101.  I will miss such enthusiastic embraces when he decides he’s too big for them one day.  (And also, what the heck is going on with my skin at the moment?  Poor, dehydrated wrinkly flesh is going to need some serious love, soon)


Check out this girl.  Full of fun and a whole lot of sass these days.  They got sunnies yesterday and it’s safe to say she thinks she’s pretty cool.  “Mum, check this out”, she says, then proceeds to pull this pose.  I’m never not giggling along at her jokes.  Growing up waaaay too fast.

DSCF1352DSCF1364Continued on the Bounce for an hour.  They totally struck the jackpot and were the only kids in there for the hour we’d booked for them!  Willow hurt her ankle while cartwheeling around, so in the end it was only Raff, and this member of staff who was so lovely but clearly exhausted by the time Raff left.


And we all knew how the day was going to end!  We have had to implement a bit of an ice-cream schedule because, being an fiend of the ol’ I.C myself, shiz was getting a little bit out of hand.  Like, um, every day out of hand.  So we’ve now decided on no ice cream during the week; Choose-day being the exception.  Let’s see how long that lasts for!

Til next time.

Sav & Crew

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