Homeschool, fool!


Here’s a pretty accurate visual on how most mornings start: Willow looking super impressed with having to write her daily date and sentences, and Raff flat out refusing to entertain the schooling plans for the day.

See below for imagery taken after the K-nex was confiscated.


When we announced we were taking some time out and heading overseas, along with “how?”, the second thing that people blurted out was “what about the kids?”.  Now, 4 months into this gig, I get what they were actually saying.  Allow me to translate: “You must be a freaking glutton for punishment because travelling will mean you have to educate your own children and that shit is deranged and irrational“.

It’s like the universe is punishing me for every Teacher’s Day I forgot to buy gifts.  Enough!  I repent!  I will never, ever forget again!

Now look, in all fairness, Wills usually comes around to the party.  It’s not her favourite thing in the world to do, but she gets that it’s just part of travel life and rather than prolong the agony, she, for the most part, just sucks it up and gets it done.

This guy though.  For the love of learning, he fights it every step of the way.  Is it the age?  I read once that boys go through various testosterone-addled spurts.  Is that an actual thing?  Is it happening now?  Because he’s throwing his assertion around like bloody confetti these days and delivering more opinions than Kanye.

“I don’t wanna”, “You can’t make me”, “Fine, then I’m not gonna do iiiiit”, “Imma just going to throw these off the table, then.”  All delivered with arms crossed and eyes narrowed.

Give.  Me.  Strength.  And throw in a Bintang, too!


Husband, bless him, has taken on the role of Chief Educator because I just don’t have the patience and he seems to have a more plentiful supply.

Dear, dear friends, if you have any home school tips, please be sure to send ’em my way!

From somewhere under a textbook,

x Sav & Crew



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