Nusa Ceningan – Part 1


Remember how I was all up in Matt’s grill with “we are not doing enough!” and that I’d booked us a weekend over on Nusa Ceningan but then Wills stuffed her foot cartwheeling and we thought it would all be over?

Well, the fab news is that we did end up making it over there!  Albeit not for the original 4 nights we had initially booked (because, foot needed to rest), but heck, I’ll take what we got and I’ll call it a win.

See that photo above?  That is of a woman who was pretty pumped to be checking out some blue, blue seas.  That is also a woman with the beginnings of a double chin – #illworryaboutitwhenwegetbacktoaustralia

I’d read/seen/Instagrammed a lot about Nusa Lembongan & Nusa Ceningan (they’re side by side and linked by the cutest yellow bridge) and had everything crossed it wasn’t going to be a flop.  Y’know – looks great in a frame but actually turns out to be a dive because people, haven’t we all been there before?  Instagram vs Reality.  (That app has a lot to answer for when it comes to travel expectations!)

Well, brace yourselves, good people, because THIS IS REAL.


I mean, can you even?  I literally took this shot in about 1 second by hanging my camera over Raff’s head out the window and hoping something would end up in focus.


Honestly the bluest water I can remember seeing.  It’s spectacular and clear and so damn photo-worthy I was beside myself.  This is it!  We have found paradise!


There are generally no cars on these islands, so you are transferred to your hotel in the back of little trucks.   The kids were pumped.  They’re all for embracing Bali’s ‘no seatbelt, no worries’ way of life


We stayed at The Palms Ceningan and this was the view from the pool.  Yep, that’ll do for a couple of nights.


Beachcombing is always a highlight for the kids.  We spent a good few hours just pottering around and peering in rock pools to see what we could find.  Also, the kids were pumped to discover these perfect cowrie shells.


There are no shortage of cafes and eateries, all with amazing views and a little something that makes them unique and photo-worthy.  Not wanting to get all preachy, I will only say this: if you come here, try to share your love, and more importantly, your rupiah, around.  Yes, go and get cocktails at sunset at the island’s most instagrammed spots, but when you’re out and about during the day, try to get off the beaten tourist path and support some locals.  Believe me when I say 100,000 Rp (approx $10 AUD) is really helping people out.  And don’t be cheap, tip!


Also, hot tip alert: ride carefully!  The roads are treacherous.  Hilly and so gravelly.  Matt & Raff came off, literally going about 5km an hour crawling down a hill.  They hit some gravel and just slid with zero control.  Thankfully they sustained only very minor scratches and bruises and I do have to mention that the locals were amazing.  People riding by stopped and others (literally) came out of bushes to check on them.  One Indiana Jones Medicine Man mashed up leaves of a plant to put on Raff’s hand (a traditional Balinese remedy), moved the scooter to the bottom of the hill safely for us and made sure we were all ok before moving on.  Friendly and helpful doesn’t even begin to describe the Balinese folk we have had the pleasure of coming across.

Nusa Ceningan – mark it on the map and throw it on your itinerary if you find yourself in Bali.

(Part 2 coming soon.)

From somewhere under a palm tree,

Sav & crew



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