Nusa Ceningan – Part 2

Sometimes places need a special shout out, all on their own.  Their pictures can’t just be thrown in with other random shots, they need to be grouped together so their friggen awesomeness and glory can be fully appreciated.

I feel like this about Le Pirate and the Blue Lagoon.


Hot tip!  When over on Nusa Cenengan, you don’t have to stick to just your hotel, you can use pretty much any on the island (obviously the trade off is that you buy some food and drinks in there).  With this in mind, we scootered down to Le Pirate and eeeek, you can’t even believe how zinging cute their little cabins are!  Those who know me well know I’m a bit of an addict when it comes to houses and interiors and just aesthetics in general, and personally I think the resort is a standout in terms of the look, atmosphere and location.  It’s got the perfect island vibe going on.


A huge bonus for Le Pirate is that as well as the pool, there’s direct beach access.  Follow a little staircase down to the water at high tide and you can swim in that beautiful water until your heart is content.


Also on the ‘must list’ is a scoot/walk to see the Blue Lagoon.

I mean… *speechless*


There’s this amazing milky-blue hue that just becomes more azure as it goes out to the ocean, then turns this super dark blue as the seabed just drops down.  Honestly, it was stunning to look at.


I really was impressed with this little island.  It’s definitely still up-and-coming and a bit rough around the edges but honestly, it’s part of the charm.

Note – there’s another island off these two, called Nusa Penida that we’re also planning on seeing before leaving Bali behind.  From all accounts I’ve heard it’s magnificent – you can swim with manta rays! – and we can’t wait to visit.

From somewhere mind-blowingly blue,

Sav & Crew

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